Fuck Everything and Become A Pirate


A little note from me Jaziel, before I let Jazhael to take over.This has been a difficult thing to write, not difficult finding the words, but I think that I have been too polite, I have been too much of a “servant”. After the first entry in this blog I felt that had not been honest enough. I hadn’t been authentic enough, I had let to much of that human servant angel of me shine true, instead of letting this aspect of me, of my soul. So this time I decided to let that happen, to really let the full creator angel f mine come true.I have been stopped, I have written and when I was ready to publish it, it just disappeared. I also want to remind you, that you all that are reading this have been on the same journey, that is why I am sharing it. Not because of the journey and the histories and the memories of it, but because I feel that I am on the brink to ascend here and now, in this lifetime, in this life here on this beloved planet of mine my home, the only place it is possible to ascend. Not true death, but true Life and so are You.
So Here we go…

I am back…
This creation of mine, or should I say this co-creation of mine, this blog is my words to Jaziel and to all of you that are sharing the same Journey, the journey of becoming who you really are here and now on this beautiful home of yours.

That was a really polite and nice opening don’t you think. Seen from an angelic point of view, to be honest, I don’t give a shit about what you are thinking, or think what you feel.
You know most of it is just a big lie… what do you mean you ask?

I say that you are feeling mostly through your head and nearly the rest of it through your hearts trough feelings to others by wanting them to feel nice about you… 
Forget it, they are being dishonest against you too, what they, just as you are serving, are that great urge of you to be liked to be loved by others.
Because you haven’t been able to Love yourself. You as most of your fellow citizens of earth have been the biggest feeders of LOVE,
that have ever existed. 

Why, because that is what you are, you are Love and nothing but Love, and in the compassion of yourself, you did just like your parents you created a reflection of you to remind you of your love for you, don’t think about it it’s not a problem. It is just who you are,

You Are Love…

You, humans, are so strange to me, thinking that it really is some things are right and something that is wrong                   There are Not…

You are calling yourself a teacher of Ascension and by your words.. yes you are.
But in yourself you are not, you are nothing but a servant of your creation. Right now my dear friend if you allow me to call me that, right now my friend it is time to speak your truth. Anything on the outside of you is Not you, can you really understand that, or try to feel that…
Ok, just for a moment, before you are writing anything more, or dear readers before you read any more. Just take a moment to feel into that, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel that in your consciousness you are, only you. Just take a deep breath when you just let everything go, now hold your breath and feel into the nothingness in the void of you, nothing but you… Take three deep breaths when you do this, open your eyes and open up to this reality too. 

First of all my dear friend and partner, you have to let go of all expectations of anything surrounding you, it is not the way things are…
Not as a creator, as a creator of your own, you are in a way the expectations,
in another way to say it you become your own expectation. Forget about your world, because the world will never be anything else than what you presume it to be. Just admit it, you really don’t have clue about what’s going on. 

You will never know what others are thinking, feeling or how they actually see you…

 and… You know what, It Does Not Matter…

This world your reality is not real at all, the only true thing is You.
Your reality…  it doesn’t exist other than in your imagination, it is your creation to become a true grown-up child of your “mother/father God”, but indifferent from them having all the knowledge of who you are. They don’t. They do not exist anymore…

They Were and now You Are, you ARE all of your creation but,
not before you allow all of your creation to become you,
created and allowed by You… 

Some years ago some of you allowed the integration of Metatron,
you became Yoham. Your voice in spirit, so be it.. but why not be it.
Metatron was what you called your voice spirit meaning “voice of mother/father god “.
Than you integrated it and became the voice of You your spirit,
your part of Home of all of home because Home was one, and so are you.
One in your own…
It is time for you to grow up and to become who you are…

Actually, there is nothing to fuck beside of you, Therefore…

Fuck Everything and Become a Pirate, a Rebel an Angel, whatever you would like to call it, a Master in service to you.
Stop listening to what others are saying, assuming,
what you think they are thinking, think they are feeling,
it does not matter anyway… 

We all are sovereign beings.

They are not you, so this time if you so chose to when you are closing your eyes, and breathing in you let that silent little voice in your head come forth and feel into the words I Am That I Am I Am God Also on the out breath three times, let it come out of that void of yours and become your reality…
That is how it is if you so Choose… 


So until next time; 

6 thoughts on “Fuck Everything and Become A Pirate

  1. wow… wow… hm what an energy between the lines… you are a wonderful author !! You speak your truth – right now I am speechless, because you have said it all, there is nothing to add. Thank you for writing – looking forward to read more from you 🙂


  2. A few reflections on your brilliant channeling Jaziel – from today’s journaling: Feeders of love and servants of our creation – yes indeed! That used to be me too, my past… illusion! Now I know that it never truly was Me – as the I Am that I Am… it was just aspects sent here by my soul to explore, express, experience and expand in this dual creation on behalf of everyone.

    What a grand task, but even so… these aspects of outer/dual/limited energies I identified so fully with in this matrix-world was never truly Me as consciousness/pure existence. It was just tiny parts of my Soul created so that I could experience this creation – co-creating this Earth with other souls with the purpose to get to know who we are, thereby creating new energy – unstucking and awakening all that we are, bringing the whole of creation to a new level of beingness!

    (To recall; Consciousness going from the first circle of unaware oneness via the second circle of dual energy fragmentation and feeding to the third circle of quantum beingness as a One/Whole and Source/Vortex unto our Selves – the I Am That I Am being fully conscious of its own sovereign creatorship).

    No is the time; I Am unstucking and completing myself from within this creation, realizing indeed that everything on the outside of me are NOT really Me! “…in your consciousness you are only you. Just take a deep breath when you just let everything go, now hold your breath and feel into the nothingness in the void of you, nothing but you…” YESSSS, I feel it so strongly now – connecting full to The I Am That I Am; pure existence… a nothingness in the beingness – the core consciusness that creates All that Is!

    Assume without expectation – what a concept hahahaha impossible for the mind to conceive: “…as a creator of your own, you ARE in a way the expectations, in another way to say it you become your own expectation. Forget about your world, because the world will never be anything else than what you presume it to be.”

    YESSS.. choosing it, assuming it, loving it passionately into being through loving me – and so it is; I Am experiencing it, living it, pretending to be it but now knowing it is just an act (expression in the moment; an aspect or facet)… for the sake of the experience – the joy of expressing – the passion of the soul…

    … and so I Am truly the Master of this game, because I KNOW who I really Am (I Am that I Am) and how energy really works (serving me every moment, not really being Me but indeed an expression of me and therefore my responsibility/doing – never ever again pretending to be a victim of others/something presumably outside of me; there is no ‘out there’ out there!!!!!

    Yes, serving me as the almighty Creator that I Am of my own domain; not in a masculine power-game-way though (Adam ruling over/controlling everything in detail, wanting to know everything about everyone to make the world and everyone in it predictable, lawful and thereby rule-able… focusing outwardly in a very mental way ) nor in a feminine wounded-victim-way (passive/disempowered – the wound of ISIS, Eva being her substitute shadow being) but in an integrated, balanced way, setting everything free to serve The I Am That I Am – fully trusting the harmonious perfection and synchronous dance of it all according to my choices as the Director; choosing consciously, allowing it to unfold freely and receiving it unconditionally… which is a simultaneously passive ♀ and ♂ active expression and experience!

    “…you ARE all of your creation but, not before you allow all of your creation to become you, as facets of you.” Here and now in this human body/mind???? An incredible, unbelievable achievement… and it is truly happening – naturally – because I chose it at some point and so it is (ref. the assignment Leslie Harris posted from the last Shoud…) and now it is, for real; a potential manifested, a fulfillment realized, a completion experienced in body on Earth – WOW!

    ♥ Thank you for the experience and inspiration Jazhael


  3. Movies Oh! movies, 24 frames per second, that’s cool! it seems as it is real, as well as when e watch TV. Now days apparently they want to start making movies ( or maybe already they did ) 48 frames per second, just imagine!! Well, know imagine “Life” -Existence, it is like a movie BUT! instead of 24 or 48 frames per second it is like thousands of frames per second, YUP! So, when One walks from one side of the room into another human perceives what humanity knows as? ….Exactly! ‘reality’, but in Reality! it is just a sequence of tiny little sparkles of light vibrating at an unimaginable speed ( unimaginable for human eye ) So,we have that the entire world, the whole of existence it is vibrating at such speed that we have the Marvel of what humanit calls? ….Absolutely! ‘Creation’! Our playground, Our Movie Theater, so, what is the only thing we can do? Great? You’re a Master on Q/A. We can only ACT! …and through Acting we have experiences, which then will be tagged by human ( which is Ok to do as long as One does not get identified with does tags ) The wierd thing for human to understand is that absolutely everything is vibrating at same rate i.e the trees, the animals, the chairs, the table, plants, stars, planets, humans etc, etc, other wise human will not be able to have the pleasure to contemplate GOD -Himself, all around! Eye created this Movie Theater in order to be able to Love myself out of Me. Eye was so filled of myself, Eye couldn’t resist anymore that Eye Cum out, to enjoy myself out of myself!! And, it was and keeps being Fantastic!, Superb! Eye don’t regret it, because thanks to that decision Now, I can Love myself as within as without.

    A long time ago there was a fish in the middle of the Ocean, and that fish used to say, that the entire Ocean that surrounds him was not real, that it was fake, that the only real thing was him and only him, that only within him was for real. One day suddenly the fish thought: Wait a minute! if the whole Ocean around me is not ‘real’, WTF Am I doing here? And what is the purpose of that illusion so called Ocean around Me? Who created that Illusion so called Ocean afer all? One day the fish realize he was the Ocean too, he realize that there was no separation between him and the Ocean, he listened for the very first time his own voice I Am That, I Am !! He went through the whole Ocean smiling to everything he was seeing on his way, He was seeing himself in and on everything. The simple fish that once used to live alone in his inner world in the middle of the Ocean, thinking that everything around him was just an illusion, Now is a Golden fish!


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